We are absolutely thrilled to find Mrs. Lopez as a piano teacher for my two daughters. She works extremely hard to engage them in the subject and tailors the lessons to their individual needs, making sure they make progress whilst still enjoying playing music. My daughters have made excellent progress and have enriched their music skills under her guidance over the last four years. In addition, Mrs.lopez has broadened her appreciation of music by introducing her to a wide range of composers and styles and encourage to use their creativity in music composition.

We couldn't have hoped for such a enthusiastic and passionate teacher! She is a blessing to our family!!!

Vibha Burman

Mrs. Diana Lopez has been my daughter’s piano instructors for 2 years.  She is a fantastic teacher that fosters a patient, easy-going, yet challenging environment in her studio.  She is always encouraging, even when our daughter doesn’t get it quite “right” and her teaching style is perfect for our daughter.  We have found her teaching style fosters confidence in our daughter.   Additionally, Mrs. Diana makes sure her students are active participants in recitals, state-based theory examinations, and music festivals,  which serve as a fantastic motivator and reward for her students.  Over the course of our time with her, it is beyond evident that she is an excellent teacher, very experienced and possesses a vast knowledge of music and is gifted with teaching skills and a personality suitable for teaching beginners to more advanced students.  Additionally, she has always been willing to work with us on rescheduling class when our busy schedules call for such.  I cannot say enough good things about her!!

Gerardo A Ramirez